SuffelStocks™ Day 8

By Brandon M. Suffel Contributor for Breakfast at Midnight April 8, 2020

Hey Everyone, thanks for sticking with us! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SuffelStocks for more commentary! Let’s get into it!

You can’t send me a $SNAP? 

Snapchats app today in the morning suddenly fell at a downwind spiral as user took to Twitter to tweet #snapchatdown.  The app ended up having some technical issues. On the front lines, snaps wouldnt send, snaps wouldn’t load, and snaps wouldn’t save. Overall, it was a nightmare for users. However, investors who love Snapchat may have found the perfect trade because shares had an excellent day.  Here’s how they performed…

Snap Inc. $SNAP shares saw a sharp increase in share prices today at $1.10 (+9.10%) reaching $13.20 a share.  Lately, $SNAP has been suffering small losses adding up day by day. This sudden gain may give $SNAP investors the momentum to trade the stock again and bring it back to a new high. Next time $SNAP is down, I know where to put my money and time!

Tweet about it

If there’s somewhere to speak your mind at a reasonable “price,” it’s on Twitter.  If you want the news quick, you go to Twitter. If you need to know what’s trending, you go to Twitter… I think you understand.  Yesterday, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO and Founder pledged to donate $1 billion worth of his $SQ shares to coronavirus pandemic relief – according to MarketWatch. Jack sure does sound like a genuine fellow.

Beside the warm news, Twitter’s $TWTR stock soared today at $2.29 (+8.93%).  This gain for Twitter opens a window for other social media giants. Latter to $TWTR and their success today, Square $SQ shares also reached a gain of (+13.27%) today. If Twitter continues to provide updated content and their Public Relations department continues on doing a good job, I don’t see where the optimism could be held stagnant. Oh, and thanks again Jack, your generosity won’t be left forgotten here.

Bernie Sanders Suspends his 2020 Presidential Campaign

That's Called Electability": Diverse Coalition Propels Bernie ...

Today April 8, 2020, The notorious and controversial Democratic ‘Socialist,’ Presidential candidate, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign after another hard fought battle for the presidency. Mr. Sanders would go on to influence millions, change the lives of millions for the better, and overall change the game of social politics for future generations to come. Nothing stopped Mr. Sanders – and he for sure wanted you to feel the bern while his supporters stood by him all the way. Despite all the backlash, Bernie would go on to attend all Democratic debates this year besides the postponed ones. If you want to know how deeply Bernie cares about his supporters and his free country – he suffered a sudden heart attack in the middle of his campaign; but he managed to press on and give voters an excellent show. Everyone should be appreciative of Bernie no matter your political affiliation. Mr. Sanders fought hard despite all the berating media and vicious attacks from fellow party members – and it never stopped him. It’s not over in Bernie’s book either, he would go on to change the vision of American politics for centuries to come… Young voters like myself know about our voice and what we deserve. In 30 or 40 years, Bernie may not be there to experience it, but his policies will influence America for future generations to come.

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