SuffelStocks™ Day 7

By Brandon M. Suffel Contributor for Breakfast at Midnight April 7,2020

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‘Forever In $LEVI’s’

If you happened to see me today, then you were lucky to see me in my lucky $LEVI’s. This morning Levi & Co. $LEVI opened with strong momentum even from yesterday’s gains. A good habit would be to start wearing my lucky $LEVI’s every day… It’s time I acquaint myself with a better understanding of what’s at stake here and $LEVI. I’m still curious as to what was weighing down $LEVI this past year? Why did $LEVI experience gruesome blows to their share prices last year – and not this quarter? How did $LEVI beat the market amid The Infamous COVID-19?

$LEVI share prices after hours – and after earnings – sit at $12.25: seeing a gain of $1.13 a share or (+ 11.78%). This could be due to their Q1 (quarter one) earnings: inventory fell 7% (selling more). With Net Sales computing to $1.5 billion and a growth margin beating estimates by 1.7% we know $LEVI isn’t playing nice anymore. Whatever it is: a new Public Relations campaign, better advertisements, or more pants in stores — $LEVI killed the retail game today. Forever in $LEVI’s babe.

How about we grab a coffee instead!

Zoom our favorite online lecture… You know what, I could give you the whole bit again, but I’m not in the mood… let’s just know it’s not looking to good for Zoom, and they are losing more customers faster than you think, and the novel headlines are killing their share prices. Coffee on the other hand, where can I get a GREAT fresh cup of Joe? If any of you know of a great spot, let me know, I love suggestions!

Zoom Video Communications Inc. $ZM shares dropped $9.91 (-7.48%) until the final bell rang its last ring. Some argue the stock is overhauled, others let go of Zoom for security reasons, and some of us don’t like Zoom because that’s school. A week ago they were saying Zoom is the newww-m…!!! I haven’t used it yet, some how, none of my classes require it so I guess I’m lucky… If share prices do continue to drop like they have been… I worry. SO, $ZM has got to fix it.

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