On This Day… 7 April

Brandon M. Suffel Breakfast at Midnight

Jack Nicklaus wins his first Masters

Who has won the most Masters tournaments?

One of the most well renown American professional golfers and hall of famers, the “Golden Bear,” or his by first name, Jack Nicklaus, would go on to win his first Masters in 1963, at age 23 today. Jack is considered to be one of the greats of golf next to Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. Jack has won 73 PGA Tour champions in his lifetime as a professional golfer. He still holds the record with the most Majors wins with 18 overall. Jack would have gone on to win 5 more Masters and rule the world of golf forever as a legend. We love to watch him still play!

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan Jumps Back Into The Action With 'The Foreigner' : NPR

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan! Jackie is everything an aspiring Hollywood star wishes to be: an actor, film director, producer, stuntman, singer, and let’s not forget – a KICKASS martial artist. Jackie Chan was born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong in 1954 – and today, he is celebrating his 66th! Jackie has been in, or contributed, to at least 117 films total. If you think Jackie is only good for his martial art skills, you are wrong. He is a charitable gentleman donating to 21 charities and supporting over 26 different causes. Thanks to Jackie Chan, the world is a better place. 66 looks good on you Jackie!

RIP Henry Ford

Biography of Henry Ford, Industrialist and Inventor

Just because Arnold Palmer would go on to earn his first green jacket, and Jackie Chan – the notorious Hollywood martial artist would make his grand entry into the world… Let’s not forget who brought us the idea of an automobile (if you believe it was Karl Benz we’ll debate this later…). Henry Ford would die in his home in Dearborn Michigan today in 1947. If it wasn’t for Ford, the industrialized America wouldn’t be what it is today – let alone, the entire world for that matter! Ford introduced the Model T and the assembly line model revolutionizing the automotive industry. Rest in peace Henry.

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