SuffelStocks™ Day 4

By Brandon M. Suffel Contributor for Breakfast at Midnight April 2, 2020

We need your help!

Currently, SuffelStocks is powering through its fourth day as the stock market continues to ring its bell — in the meantime investors continue to lose and make money on a daily basis. In order to keep SuffelStocks new and good looking, I’m asking for your help! I am looking for someone who could help me design and produce a grabbing logo. I will leave my information below. Don’t forget to check SuffelStocks out on Twitter @SuffelStocks

Who Needs Jeans Anyways?

If you are comfortable wearing jeans – then maybe you are comfortable wearing Levi’s. Levi jeans fit every suit of legs — be it skinny, just-right, or heavy — they slip on and give you an edgy look giving strangers something to look at. Is this the time to be needing a new pair of jeans though? I guess not, and it’s showing. Levi isn’t selling, and they aren’t selling enough, and it doesn’t look like they will be selling enough any-time soon.

Levi Strauss & Co. CI A $LEVI, a stock on the market that has definitely seen better days… you could even argue better years. This past year, $LEVI shares have been performing poorly. It’s unfortunate for investors who believe selling a lot slick pairs of jeans could make them a few extra bucks. Today, $LEVI has reached its newest low – this year to date ($10.03 a share). If $LEVI continues to perform like this, how are we so sure they will keep stores stocked up with the famous comfortable pants we all know and love? If you believe in $LEVI and find their pants comfortable & stylish, maybe give them a chance, or you can wait… it’s your choice… I honestly don’t know anyone who’s been wearing jeans lately anyways.

Find the Tin Mans Oil!

Oil, we need it to be changed in our cars, we need it to heat and power our homes, and we need it in order to fuel our economy. As the price of oil gradually increases day by day, we know for sure the price of gas will soon go up. That being said — let me briefly ask, who’s driving nowadays?

Oil per barrel at $24.75 has experienced some good days lately, especially since our previous comments. If you check out MarketWatch and their recent contracts list for Oil, we can clearly see the price of oil gradually rebounding from its losses month by month. It’s definitely going to take some time for this to be proven; however I’m optimistic. Gas can’t be cheap for this long — it’s all too good to be true — and as for the Tin Man, don’t let him hoard all the oil before it’s too late.

Pot and Pharmacy Store Stocks and Their Hidden Algorithm

Today, our favorite Pharmacy store stocks took a sudden hit, and we all felt it here at SuffelStocks. Walgreens, who had earnings today, forced upon traders and investors today that good guidance would help their share prices jump based on earnings. However, marketeers were not having it – and caused all three to be hit with a curveball of bearish signs. What the normal eye doesn’t see though is how “pot stocks” performed meanwhile this was happening. Lately, pot stocks have been suffering substantial losses. From these severe losses, many investors have either bought less, or ultimately backed away from investing in the cannabis industry. How well did our favorite pot stocks perform today next to our pharmacy favorites?

As $CVS shares dropped to $55.41, $RAD also fell to $12.19 a share, and $WBA (our big earner) fell to $40.30 a share, losing roughly (6.35%) — and all losses summing up to (-23.90%)… wow. However horrifying the results from todays pharmacy favorites, our own pot stocks are starting to see some growth. Aurora Cannabis $ACB, a small-time investor favorite, finally saw a good day – they needed it to. $ACB shares jumped $0.04 a share, or (+4.98%). However small the gains, or the wins; a gain is a gain; and a win is a win. Another prominent pot stock in the stock market has to be Canopy Growth Corporation $CGC. You may only know them by their ticker, “$CGC,” but they’ve been a top chart name in the pot industry for awhile, and their stock is a favorite of traders. Although $CGC faced substantial losses this past year, their shares have been seeing good days lately, and today, $CGC shares jumped $0.32 (+2.35%) a share. A similar story to $ACB and their performance. And finally, our last pot stock, Tilray, Inc. $TLRY. However similar these pot corporations are, $TLRY continues to advance the industry. And because of their initiative to do so, $TLRY shares also saw a good day like $ACB and $CGC. $TLRY shares found $0.35 or (+5.85%) to be a reasonable gain for today. If shares continue to see big gains like such, pot stock investors may just give them a second chance. Overall, for the pot stocks, just $ACB $CGC and $TLRY alone contributed (+13.18%) today. If things keep looking like this, maybe there is a trend like above. We’ll be keeping both our eyes and ears open for more.

If you made it — here’s the contact information for the logo!

Message us on Twitter: @SuffelStocks

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